Twinkle Khanna asked Karan Johar full form of MNS

Karan Johar was at the launch of Twinkle Khanna’s latest book when Twinkle asked the tricky question to the filmmaker.

If one puts Karan Johar and MNS in the same sentence, it’s assured that it is going to raise eyebrows. And it was amusing to see Twinkle Khanna asking the filmmaker to tell the full name of the party, which gave him a lot of ‘mushkil’ recently.

It so happened that at Twinkle’s book launch, when Karan invited actress Alia Bhatt to read a passage from the novel, he described her as “someone who had a journey from not knowing the country’s President to being a young star.”

That’s when Twinkle said, “I want to interrupt. Since he has asked you this ‘who is the President?’ I want to ask you something. So please tell me, what is the full form of MNS. Just answer that.”To which Karan said, “I know what PMS is, that is what I am going through right now.” Twinkle replied , “See he did not know. Just rest easy.”

Karan replied, “I know. I don’t want to say anything politically correct or politically incorrect. I want to be silent, that is my stance these days. It is possible I am maintaining a low profile.”When the audience burst into laughter, he said, “That was not meant to be a joke.”

In the aftermath of the Uri attack, Karan’s latest film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil faced protests from MNS owing to the casting of Pakistan actor Fawad Khan.

MNS was against the film’s release and only relented after Karan decided to not sign Pakistani actors in future and also vowed to donate Rs 5 crore from the film’s earnings at the box office. For those who have just arrived, MNS stands for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.



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