Farhan Akthar Reveals Why Rock On 2 Failed!

Farhan Akhtar blamed demonetisation for the failure of Rock On 2 by saying that people are not willing to spend money as they require it for their daily expenses & needs as of now.

Farhan Akhtar and Arjun Rampal starrer Rock On 2 did not live up to its expectations and within the first weekend of its release the movie fizzled out as there was absolutely no hype and craze for the movie. The prequel Rock On had huge fan following but the sequel fell flat on its face. Farhan blamed demonetisation for Rock On 2’s loss and said that people do not have enough money in hand and those who have are saving it for necessary things. He said,

“I think it is affecting daily life, going to a film is part of daily life. The fact that there are less notes available in the market, people are not able to get their hands on 100, 500 rupee notes so it is definitely a problem. “Jiskay paas thoda bohot hai woh film ticket pe nahi kharchana chah rahe hai. They want to cover essential things first (those who have some money, don’t want to spend on movie tickets).”

Well, in a way what Farhan Akhtar said is quite right! Money is not circulating easily in the market and people are finding it hard to even make daily ends meet, let alone watching a movie. People are saving money as of now for important issues like livelihood and other things.

Maybe we can call it bad luck but Rock On 2 ended up being released at the wrong time when the nation is struggling to have hard currency in hand. But even the storyline, plot and terrible songs of Rock On 2 have added to its demise at the box office.



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